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Last week I spent my days darting in and out of high rises, so this week I'm taking the opportunity to red line loads of my to dos at home. First, a cuppa coffee (or maybe two -- who am I kidding all day long).  Before September arrives here's several tidbits to share...

  • The Kong's heat and humidity are finally dropping a bit, but I still find myself always sporting a top knot (hey, it is still 90+). So I am always on the look out for another way to stay cool. Here's a cute and easy change to the basic ponytail. 
  • Sometimes in the era of helicopter parents, I feel we've forgotten that we are preparing our children for life. I can feel the mom's eyes singeing the hair on my head when I stand by and don't get involved. So it was with great relief I heard of Jessica Lahey's book, The gift of Failure. Maybe its not such a bad thing when I sit by and watch my daughter stay in at recess when I know she did not do her homework. She'll learn if she wants to play with her friends she'll get her homework done. Sooner or later...
  • I know you were wondering what does Shakespeare sound like in Cantonese? Well, London's Globe theatre is performing Macbeth in Cantonese. Check it out
  • Ever wonder what a Hong Kong high rise apartment looks like? Here's a minimalist one listed by Sotheby's for eight million. (PS My house does not like anything like this.) 

Well, I'm onto my third cuppa joe and crossing off items left and right. Have a good Monday!


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