show and tell...

Happy Tuesday! Last weekend our school had a walkathon and we also hit the Hong Kong Golf Open. Then yesterday was a random unexplained school holiday. So we kinda just chilled out. So today back to the nitty gritty!

* I'm in love with a new tumblr. Drunk J Crew.  No offense Jenna, because I do love the J Crew. It is one of the few companies that will ship to Hong Kong for less than the price of my first born son. But seriously check it out. I'm partial to 'i jus haffa sit for a second.'

* This Washington Post interactive graphic displays the correlation between income and a college degree. Not very surprising, but sobering.

* If you have a loved one with Celiac this article should prove to be interesting. I'm convinced there are more implications than just digestive. I think in twenty years we'll be scratching our heads on why we didn't realize this sooner.

* Moral of the story is even animals shouldn't bite off more than they can chew. Even sharks...

* Most of Hong Kongers live in approximately 161 square feet of space. The US government defines 'overcrowding' as 165 square feet or less. One man has made his apartment literally transform.

Now I'm off to tackle a mighty long to do list. Ugh...



show and tell...

my new party muumuu

Happy manic Monday. How is your Monday so far? Here so far so good. I am feeling the need to do alot of puttering around the house. I have way too many projects not completed and it's driving me bonkers. 

* I just treated myself to a fitbit. Do you have one? I'm still working on maximizing it's usefulness. Any tidbits to share? And apparently I pretty much never get 8 hours of sleep. 

* Not a big surprise that where I expertly perfected the all-nighter was ranked as one of the college campuses to stay up later than others. 

* I must be the one of the last people to watch this Lego video as the hubs informed me he already saw it. He's not exactly the most up to date on his social media.

* As you can tell from my new muumuu, my new fashion statement is not 'wallflower.' I think I've hit my Iris Apfel-esk stage. So where can I wear these fabulous glitter pants? And I'm still kicking myself that I passed on a black and gold leather pair of limited edition Converse at an Australian flea market. Can't even find them online anywhere.

* It is starting to cool off in Hong Kong (low 80s) and I really want to start knitting or crocheting again. I think the perfect thing to start with are these colorful dishtowels.

* Seriously, we have promised the children a dog when we return to the states. Obviously, my daughter wants to go home now- just for the dog! So she spends alot of time staring at puppies just dreaming. And these puppies underwater are the cutest!

* Almost all the office supply stores sell bags of paper strips. It's only taken me two years to figure out they are for origami stars! I'll have to grab a bag next time I'm out and about.

* It's hard to believe that in Hong Kong (one the highest rent on earth) there would be abandoned properties. But there are! Check it out. Pretty creepy.

Here's to a great and productive week! I walked through the house and made a list. Now it's about time I got cracking on that list!



kat hing wai..

Just a forty minutes drive from my house is one of the last remaining walled villages in Hong Kong, Kat Hing Wai. Kat Hing Wai was originally built by the Tang clan to protect against rival clans, pirates and tigers. Oh my!  The inhabitants were also not pleased to be leased to colonial rule by the Chinese in 1898. So a year later Kat Hing Wai was the site one of the last British skirmishes.  

The entrance to the village. 

I was so obsessed with this vase. I have never seen one like it in all of Hong Kong. I had already spent all my money and had to borrow from my friend . The old lady and I bartered furiously. Her with an abacus and I with my iphone calculator app. Now she's happily sitting in my living room.


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