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You know that saying the more you need to do to the more you can get done? I hope it's true as I have  too much to do this week! To the point of planning on returning emails on the mtr and Google mapping stores that are on the way of my priority to dos to run multiple errands in one trip! Crossing my fingers it all works out! Without further ado here's some snippets I thought you'd like..

  • If you need a break between red lining all your Monday morning to dos, check out the panda cam at the National Zoo. The awww factor is huge with rare twin pandas only a couple of days old! 
  • Remember the Crazy, Rich Asians book? Well, good news Mr. Kwan is out with his next book- China Rich Girlfriend. And rumor has it Crazy Rich Asians is being made into a movie. Bad news- Mr. Kwan was here in The Kong and I didn't know it and I missed him. 
  • The flights back and forth between Hong Kong and the states are some of the longest  in the world. The resulting jet lag can be miserable. So it's great news that there is a new three minute cure! But seriously, it requires almost freezing! It think I'll take my chances with melatonin. 
  • I made the decision that we must get out of our regular dinner meal rut. I'm sick of spaghetti, tuna and the normals. This Sunday I printed out several recipes I had pinned and we're going to give them a try. Starting with a red pepper pasta sauce over homemade gnocchi (all vegan and gluten free!). How about you? Any new dinners you'd like to share? 


From farm to table...

For our stay in Cambodia, we chose to stay at the Park Hyatt downtown Siem Reap within walking distance to all the shops. Chef  Pisith was wonderful. He prepared all my celiac sons meals personally. And then he guided us on a farm to table foodie tour. Chef Pisith began the tour at the local markets. Below are the local farmers selling their produce and seafood. Their selling needs to be wrapped up by noon. These poor ladies sit crouched for hours selling their wares. Makes my back hurt just thinking about it. 

The hubs is obsessed with the different types of fish in each country. He's always quizzing the vendors about the names of fish and where they came from. In English! 

These are separate vendors who I assume probably lease the space in the market.

After touring the markets, we drove out to a remote village. This is one of the last area villages that still make homemade rice noodles without electricity. Stella took her turn milling the rice into rice milk. 

After the rice is milled into milk and mush, the mush is wrapped in cheesecloth and ferments for several days. The lady above then places the fermented mush on a metal plate. (How does the dowel strike the plate? There are three people on the other end operating like a see saw.) The large wooden dowel pounds it into a dough. And yes, she kept moving the dough around while the dowel was striking. I could barely watch - for fear she'd lose a finger (or two. or a hand.). The dough is then placed into a metal tube with a sieve on the bottom and the dough gets pushed through the tube into boiling water. And whoa la- rice noodles!

This is the restaurant that purchases the rice noodles and sells the noodle dish, nam banchock. 

And finally, nam ban chok  prahal - a khmer noodle fish curry with long beans, cucumber, green papaya, yellow pear flower and water lilly stems. We could not indulge in the village final dish, but instead Chef Pisith made the same curry with safer sourced ingredients for us. It was delicious. I have been trying to find the recipe, but having trouble sourcing Cambodian recipes. Anyone have any leads?



angkor thom

Our guide drove us to Angkor Thom right after Angkor Wat. Angkor Thom was one of the largest Khmer cities as well as the last capital of the Khmer empire. After the Khmer empire was defeated the capital was moved further south. The south entrance bridge is lined with gods on the left and men on the right. The theory behind constructing both men and gods was that having both would link men to the godly world inside. 

Can you see the faces? One facing in each direction.They are carved to resemble the first King to reside here, Jayavarman VII. 

Almost every temple at Angkor Thom has a buddha carved in the stone. There are several spots you can stand and photograph so it appears you are scratching a buddha's chin or kissing one. 

Depending on your level of interest you could spend several hours inside Angkor Thom. Our tour guide told us Angkor Thom was originally bigger than Angkor Wat. But they built it in a hurry and with probably inferior sandstone so much less remains. As you can see there's a lot of deterioration near this entrance.

After several hours at both temples the children had had enough. So we headed back to the hotel and relaxed in the pool. Tomorrow our Siem Reap foodie tour...


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