Show and tell...

I'm always open to a late birthday gift. Isn't everyone? See above? It's a huge diffuser complete with white michelia flower oil. So now our whole family room smells fabulous. The white michelia flower is related to the magnolia and is only found in Asia. It's commonly the flower that spas and resorts have floating in pretty bowls. My apologies, for the lack of smell a vision. 

How was your weekend? Ours was the usual with sports and homework, but we also had a bunch of friends over for Mexican. Hard to believe I know, but Mexican food isn't to easy to come by here in The Kong. Have you ever tried making Chipotle's cilantro lime rice? It was really good. My kids even ate something that had green in it! I found a couple of other things I thought you might like as well...

  • Have you heard of phone pinching?!? Apparently, it's an internet craze started by Twenty One Pilots. And, yes, it's a  crazy craze! Unless you are in the market for a new phone, which I'm not.
  • One of my good friends pens an advice column. And yep, I do call her when I need advice! (Sometimes I even listen.). So here's a couple of her favorite posts
  • The Celiac Disease Foundation just released an app. It includes foods, companies, recipes, and much more.  I just started playing with it. Looks quite promising!
  • Stuck on the eighties? May I suggest putting away your scrunchies and instead watch  The Goldbergs while the minors are awake and Red Oaks after they are tucked in. Unfortunately, both shows are very good at reminding me how old I really am...
  • Ever dream about rolling in money? Now how about sitting on it? Now, you can do just that. With these stools utilizing decommissioned currencies as the cushions.
  •  David Beckham has a new movie coming out as well as his new H&M clothing line. So imagine a shoot where Kevin Hart follows Beckham around working on his method acting while in Anderson Coopers Manhattan home. (Sorry, Anderson does not make an appearance, though.) Just go watch it. Maybe twice?
  • So the newest study states maybe we should never have switched over to low fat dairy. I don't think I can just switch to whole milk after one study. How about you?

So are you ready for Monday? I like to think of Monday as 'the back to school day' of the week. A fresh opportunity to get it all right. Doesn't mean that I do, but hey, lets think positive today!



show and tell...

We had a fabulous time last week in Danang. We were there last July and it was so nice to not feel the tourist to do list. You know making sure you hit all those 'must sees.' I had days I left my phone in the room. Which did lead to less photos. Except  I was quick enough to grab a real camera (gasp!) on the way to cooking class. So know I have photographic proof I can make pho! That maybe a great item to share. But first let me share these tidbits with you...

  • Bored of your playlists? Same here. So its a good start to check out Burberry's new iTunes channel. Burberry will feature new British artists so you can be the first to be in the know.
  • Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper might both be massive silver foxes with names beginning with A, but that's where the similarities end apparently. Watch this video of Anthony forcing Anderson to eat (and watch it again- well, at least I did!).
  • Need a unique clutch no one else will have at you next black tie? I 99.9% guarantee this is the one! But now that I've let the cat out of the bag...

Ok, it's Monday, friends. Carpe Diem! 




Mid Autumn festival is celebrated in most of Asia during the eighth lunar month. This year the celebration started on September 27 and lasts a week. Celebrating centers around family gatherings, lanterns and moon cakes.  Moon cakes are given as gifts artfully packaged. There are hundreds of flavors of moon cakes available. Every store, hotel, charity and business offers their own moon cake variety. The classic moon cakes are densely filled with lotus seed paste and an egg yolk in the center. 

This year Heidi and I decided to try new (to us) varieties of moon cakes. Our personal version of 'Americans taste test...' video. The Shangri - La ones are the classic lotus seed paste version. Starbucks offers a boxed set of moon cakes inspired by their popular beverages. Tea WG offers several types of moon cakes, but I purchased the varieties I thought we would like the best.

Shangri La lotus seed with egg yolk. Starbucks salted carmel mochi and chocolate. Tea WG mixed nuts in lotus seed paste.  Starbucks espresso and almond. Starbucks green tea mocha and red bean paste. Tea WG black sesame. Starbucks hojicha tea and osamantus. (clockwise)  

 We added just the right Hong Kong accessories for our moon cake tasting. 

I assumed I would like the Starbucks ones the best. Heidi was quite fond of the green tea and red bean paste moon cake. As did the hubby.  In their defense red bean paste does contain sugar. But on the flip side none of us liked the hojicha tea and osmanthus one. It tasted like how walking past someone wearing too much perfume smells. 

 But really it was the Tea WG black sesame that I loved.

Moon cakes are densely packed so you really don't want a whole one. A small sliver will do you. And they are best paired with a strong tea or coffee. We brewed a pot of Tea WG to wash down our moon cake selection. Hope everyone had a great Mid Autumn festival. Wishing everyone much happiness and bliss. 


photos by Heidi 

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