if the wind comes from an empty cave...

...it's not without reason.

Er Wang Dong caves (photo by Robbie Shone)

In the West we say everything has a reason or when there's smoke there's fire. This is the Chinese equivalent. While I'm certain several people have come into my life for a reason, I'm still not really sure what the reason for eating chicken feet is (and yes, I finally gave in and tried one.)

Happy Friday!



monkey see...

Star Wars pancakes. Pez dispensers. Kale chips. Titanic models. My kids beg me for a lot of strange items. One of their most frequent unusual requests is to return to Kam Shan (Monkey Hill) Country Park . Monkeys. Monkeys every where. Daddy monkeys. Mama monkeys and of course following behind are the cutest bebe monkeys...

The monkeys (rhesus macaques) in Kan Shan Park are not native to Hong Kong. The park evolved from a couple of abandoned pet monkeys centuries ago. There are stiff penalties($10,000hk/$1290us)  for feeding the monkeys. Based on their bold begging, I'm guessing they receive snacks quite often.

Monkey see. Monkey do.

Pretty sure this papa monkey means business. 

If monkeys are not your thing the view is truly awesome.

Bus eighty one will take you right to the entrance of Monkey Hill and there is a mile and a half hiking trail weaving through the park. Personally, with the thousands of free roaming monkeys I'm staying in the car.



show and tell...

Well , that was one crazy week! Pretty much everyone in our house was ill with varying degrees. We did manage to make it to a good friend's birthday party by Sunday afternoon after getting an all clear from the physician. I lived in leggings and t-shirts all week and not with a fashionable spin at all! So this Monday morning I felt like i was reintroduced to my closet and wore clothes that haven't seen the light of day in awhile. So energizing! Hong Kong's beautiful fall weather didn't hurt either. What does it take for you to rediscover your closet and break out of your fashion rut?

Here are a few small tidbits I noticed while taking care of sickies last week... 

  • I found a great quote, 'be simple, simply be,' and currently you can get the print most graciously at thenester.com
  • i found what i want for Christmas or a belated birthday fit or just for no reason at all. Here's a clue  I'm obsessed with labelers...
  • Our development gym now has one of these. I am dying to try it, but just much would it real work and how silly will I look riding it?
  • Do you have a foo dog? Do you know what one is? My last Live Sigma Kappa post explains it all. 

No man is a good doctor who has never been sick himself. 
- Chinese proverb

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