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As I was trying to not make eye contact with my crazy next door neighbor, I noticed one of our trees is a Banyan. They are beautiful and symbolize eternal life. I'm sure there's a lesson there between the almighty Banyan and me ignoring the crazy neighbor lady, but it's Monday and I'm just not getting it. So I'm going to have a second (ok, maybe my third) cup of coffee and share a couple tidbits instead...

* Apparently, coconut water has had its day and new 'it' drinks are moving in. I actually have started drinking aloe vera water. It tastes better than you would think. Then again I've unknowingly tried deep fried fish lips and they were much better than chicken feet! 

*I admit I have chosen vacations based on one picture (Here's looking at you, Angkor Wat). Here are several more photos that you may want to put on a must go to list. But sorry, if you select 9 or 10, I am definitely not your travel partner.  

* Need a new soup recipe? My new go to is an easy carrot ginger soup that's great for lunches and a dinner appetizer. It even works into your detox- if you're into that sort of thing. 

* If you haven't checked out The New York library's digital collection, it should be your next click. They have added almost 200,000 images to their public domain and it is easily search able. I found lots of photos of Hong Kong past. 

* Have you ever tried mochi? It's a delish Japanese dessert like cake, but very dense with a firm gooey center. I am not selling it very well. I used this recipe the other day to take dessert to a party. It was awesome!! There's only six ingredients. If you can find glutinous rice flour, I would definitely give it a try. 

So three of those revolve around food. I have been trying new foods. My new thing is fermenting veggies. I must admit. I normally abhor beets, but have discovered I like beets fermented. Are you trying anything new? Please do share. 



  1. Christine: Can you tell me, did you graduate from Ohio University's health programs? We are doing an article on our alums, and I would love to get in touch with you!


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