show and tell...

We had a fabulous time last week in Danang. We were there last July and it was so nice to not feel the tourist to do list. You know making sure you hit all those 'must sees.' I had days I left my phone in the room. Which did lead to less photos. Except  I was quick enough to grab a real camera (gasp!) on the way to cooking class. So know I have photographic proof I can make pho! That maybe a great item to share. But first let me share these tidbits with you...

  • Bored of your playlists? Same here. So its a good start to check out Burberry's new iTunes channel. Burberry will feature new British artists so you can be the first to be in the know.
  • Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper might both be massive silver foxes with names beginning with A, but that's where the similarities end apparently. Watch this video of Anthony forcing Anderson to eat (and watch it again- well, at least I did!).
  • Need a unique clutch no one else will have at you next black tie? I 99.9% guarantee this is the one! But now that I've let the cat out of the bag...

Ok, it's Monday, friends. Carpe Diem! 


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