Show and tell...

Good morning! How are you this morning? I'm going to need copious amounts of coffee before I even draw up my weekly to do list. How is it the ninth of September? School fully under way and all after school activities full blast. I'm a day late in posting and I don't have Labor Day festivities to blame.Without further ado here's several tidbits for thought this week...

  • My great grandparents made the perilous journey to America from Hungry. They were alone and young and desperate to escape not much unlike the current refugees from Syria. Yes, they could be us. And how you can help

  • I'm in love with all the cheeky tee shirts available in Hong Kong, even purchased a few. But frequently they sit in my closet as I'm not sure how to style an outfit with the tee. I was finally able to pull a couple of outfits together with help. Try this Vogue tips to one up those fun tees. 

  • Current girl crush - Mindy Kaling. So yeah, already pre-ordered her new book. And if you pre-order from one of these bookstores they throw in a free tote! If there were any in The Kong I'd be all over it! 

  • Ever dream of a wall, bookcase or a desk made of gigantic legos? You wish has come true. Everblock makes large legos and they even come in gold and silver! 

 I've already crossed off several to dos. Lets hope I can keep the momentum up. Start your Tuesday off right. Whether its coffee, exercise or massive planning (or like me- all three!) Good luck friends!


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