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Last fall we enjoyed a get away in Da Nang, Vietnam. We are looking forward to a return trip this fall as well. Its a perfect long weekend get away from Hong Kong. Its a quick one and a half hour flight from The Kong and most resorts are a short drive from the airport. Add in the pristine beaches and wonderful food. Especially, the Vietnamese coffee. Its very strong and sweetened with condensed milk. Very refreshing when iced in this stifling Asian heat. But with a little practice and a special coffee filter you can recreate this deliciousness at home. 

Begin with a dollop of sweetened condensed milk.

The most integral part is the coffee filter. I purchased mine on Shanghai Street. The coffee grinds need to be dark roasted and ground coarse. I used two tablespoons of Starbucks Espresso blend ground for french press. Place the grounds into the press and firmly screw down the inside filter. 

Pour one cup of boiling water into the filter and let the water drip for four minutes unless it stops dripping earlier.

Sir the coffee and milk together.
Enjoy hot or iced. 

Enjoy first thing in the morning or as an afternoon energy pickup. Even better with a couple amaretti cookies and chocolate covered coffee beans!


photography by Heidi Selch

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