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We're back in The Kong's stifling heat and humidity. Had a fantastic time in the states visiting family and friends. It was refreshing for us with the unseasonbly cool weather in the Midwest. Now we are back to alternating the beach, pool or air-conditioning. I spent lots of time contemplating new and cool posts while on our 15 hour flight. In the meantime, here's some tidbits I thought I'd share.

  • I am totally digging this thin neck scarf idea, but it's not going to work in this heat. Maybe in the Fall?
  • Did you know the regulations changed for sunscreen? Maybe it's just me since I haven't been in the states. Probably a good idea to read up this summer. 
  • I admit it. I am addicted to coffee. And I just cannot drink coffee hot when it's above 90 degrees at eight am. I found a couple of hints on how to make that first hit in the morning even better. I'm going to start with the chocolate!
  • Are you traveling overseas this summer and still need to book tickets? Were you aware that some airlines offer 'free' layovers (long enough to have a looksey)? Quite a sneaky idea to see two countries for the price of one. Even Hong Kong's on the list!
  • If you've ever considered being an expat, these five tips are quite helpful. Clearly, I agree with number four!
  • I sprinted through Trader Joe's when back home. Because my Stelli will ONLY consume their vitamins. So yes, we shlep six containers back to Hong Kong every summer. Wish I'd read this cheat sheet before I ran through Joe's. 
  • Has anyone seen this rom com filmed in Hong Kong? I love the title, 'It's already tomorrow in Hong Kong'. I always tell friends back home the same line!  I don't think it's played here yet.  I may have to wait to see it on netflix. Speaking of which I just watched The Search for General Tso on netflix. Really good. Its a documentary exploring the origins of General Tso's chicken in the USA.
Happy Monday! I think I'll start this week off with a brisk walk to Starbucks for an iced latte. Oh, if only they were American sized. The Hong Kong venti is about the same size as an American tall. I suppose it's healthier for me that way.


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