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The Kong's slowly creeping towards warmer weather. Time to store sweaters and take stock of my tanks. I'm not going to switch to a fashion blog anytime soon, but hey don't we all want to look pulled together. I found two closet management apps this weekend. Cloth and Stylebook. Have you tried any other wardrobe apps? I'm thinking it might help some of those 'I have nothing to wear' Mondays!! Here are some other tidbits I found last week...

  • Are you a fan of road tripping it? A data genius developed an algorithm on how to hit all the major US national landmarks in one ultimate road trip. Bonus- he even calculated another road trip hitting all the Trip Advisor's best cities to visit. 
  • Trust me there's no General Tso chicken in China (or Hong Kong for that matter). That's an American thing. And now there's a whole documentary on how that happened. 
  • Spring Break's right around the corner. If you are a dedicated shopper now's the time to start your research on what to buy (and how) for where you are headed. 
  • I cannot recall a movie featuring the Great Wall. Can you? That's about to change. This month filming will begin on a new movie staring Matt Damon in China featuring the Great Wall. I'm just hoping he ventures down south to Hong Kong for a break!!
  • So yeah, the apple watch has now been revealed. Nope I'm not running out and ordering one. Although, I do think Asia will be instrumental in their sales. Watches are a big thing here. I've had taxi drivers with Rolexes and the Samsung watch. I know. Crazy! But I found it interesting that they chose 10:09 time display in their ads. As we know with Apple nothing they do is an accident! Oh, and fyi they already have copies of the Apple watch in China. 
OK, so I'm off to start my errands. I hope you have a great week. I just hope I can squeeze it all in.


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