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Even though we don't observe daylight savings in Hong Kong, this Monday morning was still rough.

Good Monday morning! What do you have on your schedule this week? I am trying to cram everything into the couple weeks before Spring Break. Not the best method, but we'll see how it goes.  Before I head off to attempt our Bali visas here's a couple snippets I thought you might enjoy...

  • The humidity's slowly rising here in The Kong- I feel my my hair slipping every day. I was considering keratin treatment. But I think I'll experiment with salt spray and some artfully placed bobbies first. How do you handle summer hair? 
  • I must admit I finished House of Cards last night. Can you blame me? (It rained every day last week.) It's definitely not along the same lines as the first two seasons. I have mixed feelings. I think now its time to find a new series. The one by Tina Fey maybe?
  • Are you on Instagram? And are you guilty of these Instagram decor cliches? I think I've only committed one. Can you guess which one? 
  • I'm one of those people with enough perfume to wear a different scent fluctuating with my mood. I haven't collected a new one for awhile. I have an itch. One of the sales ladies gave me a sample of a new diptyque fragrance and now I can't remember what it is? Grrr.
  • Need a smile break? Check out Carly Rae's new hit video with Tom Hanks. Yes, Hanksy. 
Ok, I must be off. The Indonesian Consulate only accepts applications in the morning. Have a good Monday! 

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