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Good morning! A full week here. Bali visas for Spring Break. {which then equals extra workouts!} China shopping. School projects. Doctor appointment for new glasses. Any who... I thought I'd share some tidbits before I'm on my way.
  • If you missed it last week, I described our Hong Kong day for Design Mom.  So if you are curious on how a day in Hong Kong is different (or the same) take a peek. 
  • I've seen a lot of funky stuff in Asia, but this person became an honest grass roots celeb in China after losing his iPhone in New York and the phone ended up in China. 
  • You know how us ladies avoid stating our ages exactly. {I'm fortiesh. couch. cough} A most special friend of mine wrote some really great words on women and aging. Maybe we should stop coughing. You first...
  • During one of our house sales the real estate agent made me paint over my chalkboard wall and heavily suggested that we change all of our appliances to stainless steel. Grr. The guy had no clue. I begrudgingly painted over my awesome chalkboard, but I refused the appliance purchase. Seriously, I always thought the steel was a bowl full of hype. I was into all black back then, I guess I was onto something. I'm totally adoring this Smeg!
  • Our household has watched the Parks and Rec finale several times. I've teared at every single viewing. If you need to be compulsive about your viewing can even review this cheat sheet of every character's name. {bonus- all of Andy's band names}
  • And if you need a pick me up after the Parks and Rec finale {and you've already finished House of Cards- don't ask}. Starting this Friday is Tina Fey's new series on Netflix
Have a great week! It's finally March. I think the 'cold' is almost over in The Kong, which isn't that cold. I just realized I never even pulled my sweaters out from under neath my bed once this winter. I hope it stays chilly just a little bit longer. I love my scarves!


photo courtsey of Heidi Selch

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