shanghai street...

Why weave through the ikea maze when you can meander with the natives on Shanghai Street. Shanghai Street has everything you could possibly need. There are baking shops, 'white' porcelain shops, knife shops... If it's good enough for Anthony Bourdain, it's good enough for me. On my most recent trip, my list included white congee spoons, Vietnamese coffee filter, tiny white porcelain spoons and any gluten free goodies I could get my hands on. 

Of course, I found everything I needed and then some.

There's the Vietnamese coffee maker above. I have sweet memories of my iced morning coffee on the beaches of Da Nang. Now I just have to figure out their elusive method. But how hard can it be?

I have collected steamer baskets in all possible sizes. Does anyone have tried and tested gluten free recipes for dim sum? I also stack them up and corral goodies in them as well. 

Having a party? Shanghai Street has several baking shops as well. You won't miss them. One of them is affectionately named, 'I love cake.' 

This is where I purchased my pan for Hong Kong traditional egg waffles

Lunch anyone? After all that shopping we were hungry, but we decided against the various dried meats. Cafe Mido was closed due for Spring Break. So we found a dim sum restaurant down the street.   Before I leave Hong Kong I will return to Shanghai Street for one of their massive several inches thick round chopping blocks. I think the hubs also mentioned a set of knives. If you watch the Anthony Bourdain clip that's what he was after on Shanghai Street as well. And if you walk far enough down Shanghai Street, you'll run into the jade market... 


photos courtesy of Heidi Selch


  1. bubble waffle pan looks a bit like my aebleskivers (danish treat) pan - so i think i'd like to try them. also, dried meat, or used slippers . . yikes they look they same, whatever is hanging there in the last pic. enjoyed the read. followed off of the designmom post. thanks for the mini trip to Hong-Kong! you are a braver woman than me, i can see ~
    -sharon @

  2. How wonderful to add your blog to my collection of expat blogs. I LOVE seeing how people adapt and live in different cultures. We lived for a time in Japan and our two children went to local Japanese school. I'll enjoy following along on your adventure with your family in Hong Kong!


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