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My mama left yesterday - headed back to the states! It was so nice to see her. We even schlepped her to Macau for a couple days. Where she really saw the masses out and about getting ready for Chinese New Year. I honestly don't think I've ever been in a bigger sea of people. Mental note- do not go to Macau two days before Chinese New Year. But now I do want to go back when it's not soooo crowded. Well, before I begin to plan another Macau trip here are some tidbits I thought you might enjoy...

  • Do you ever struggle packing for a quick weekend trip? Me too, until I organized a stand by toiletries kit. Mine is packed and ready for a plane ride, but you could organize one for anything. Check out Live Sigma Kappa for my helpful hints.
  • Have you seen the ikea emojis? There's over 100 for both iPhone and android. So next time you need to tell someone please help me with this Hemnes bookcase you can send them the emoji as well to clarify which piece you are struggling with. 
  • I am in lust with these cut out loafers by Haik. What'd you think? I think they're perfect for wandering the Hong Kong pavement. If I could only find out where to buy them. Any leads? 
  • Wondering how J Crew decides what to layer with what? Its about as complicated as the system my nine year old uses- 'pile style.' Jenna states they just throw it on the floor and go from there. Maybe I'll try that this Monday morning...
  • Baking cookies to sell your home? That trick may not be the best one to sell your home. Sometimes the fresh scent of coffee may be just as effective. See what other scents may work best. 
  • Do you hate the sound of your own voice? Why don't I sound like I hear myself in my head? Watch this short video and it explains the discrepancy. 
  • I'm always on the hunt for a quick healthy and gluten free dinner solution. This red lentil soup definitely fits the criteria. I think we'll be trying it this week. 
  • Do you instagram? I try desperately to do a photo a day with Fat Mum Slim. Do you do any other photo a day sharing? 
It's Monday morning and every thing's in full swing. My kids still have two more days off for Chinese New Year, but somehow the errands that keep stacking up were not put on notice. So I'm off with two kids in tow. Hope you have a great week starting with a fabulous Monday....

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