show and tell...

Even though there's no Super Bowl here in Hong Kong, I still managed to over indulge this weekend. Between Australia Day parties and brunch buffets, I think its time for some fruits and vegetables. How about you?

  • Aren't those jade bracelets lovely? I'm in love with the Kong's jade market. I know its not real jade, but its bursting with inexpensive baubles and bangles. I need to make another trip for a friend who's requesting bangles galore. Read all about a trip here. What's your favorite?
  • Are you near New York? The Met is currently exhibiting Chinese stone carvings. Wish I could go. Maybe I'll have to hit the Hong Kong Art museum to get my fix. 
  • After trying my best to learn as much Cantonese and Mandarin as I can, I struggle tremendously. So it was no large surprise when I saw this language tree and Chinese and English are on opposite sides! And even though my ancestors are Hungarian that language stumps me as well!
  • Last week I had the pleasure of indulging in seafood prepared by a Michelin starred chef. Afterwards, the newest Hong Kong list of Michelin starred restaurants was released. Dinner, anyone?
  • I think I'm going to try this new recipe for pumpkin penne this week. Think my children will like it? I may have to puree the pumpkin so they can't see the chopped pumpkin. How do you get your kiddos to eat veggies? I must admit I have to hide the vegetables most of the time! 

photo courtesy of Heidi Selch

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