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Why, oh why,  do I have to threaten, cajole, count down to the children, when I allow them to write on the windows?

Whew, last week is over. We had lots of friends in for an American Thanksgiving on Saturday. Complete with turkey and the lot. Now onto copious amounts of exercise and Christmas. I'm making my lists and checking them twice. Thought I'd share a few tidbits before I get cracking on those cyber Monday sales. 

  • Who doesn't love Pinterest? But you can really use it for practically everything. Yes, recipes and wedding plans, but you can use it to really get yourself organized. You can make boards of articles you'd like to read. Pin books you would like to get to. You could even make a board for a book club and allow all members to pin. You can create private boards among friends. You could use this feature to share ideas within book clubs, parent groups, dinner parties, group vacations. Any one have any really creative ideas?
  • It's a rainy day here so it's not a bad day to check out what's new on Netflix this month. I've heard only good things about Broadchurch so it's going on my que first. 
  • I really want to start knitting again this winter. But I can't decide which way to go crochet, the loom or knitting. I've done all three previously. I'm blaming my inability to get motivated on the lack of yarn choices in Hong Kong. But I just need to pick one and go! Any suggestions?
  • Sarah DeRemer's art might really upset vegetarians. As it morphs animals and food into one being. Imagine a hippo with his middle sliced looking like a sweet potato. Sounds way creepier than it looks.
  • Quite an interesting read on why couples relocate for the man's job, but not the wife's. As I sit here in Hong Kong as the railing spouse' I can understand how it happens.
I'm off to put up two Christmas trees. One regular and one mini silver. I could not justify throwing away a real live tree again in Hong Kong as they just toss them into the landfill. So this year I purchased an inexpensive artificial tree we can reuse while we are here. The silver tree's for the children to decorate. 

Have a great monday!


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