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Happy Turkey week! Wow! Like everyone else I have a million to dos to do. We are having several families over to our house for a traditional American Thanksgiving. Turkey and all the trimmings- gluten free. We'll see how that goes. It looks like it shouldn't be too difficult. On paper. Let's see how it goes in practice. I thought I'd share some of my contacts that have proved helpful during the Thanksgiving season.

  • If you need to add some sparkle to your home for Thanksgiving, visit my post for Live Sigma Kappa last week. I instructed how to make the glittering pots above. 
  • The elf on the shelf will probably be making his first appearance this week in our house. Check out my Elf pinterest page for loads of creative ideas. 
  • I gathered all the Thanksgiving recipes I've cooked on one pinterest page from last year and this year. So they are not all gluten free. The persmisson wrapped with bacon and skewered with a rosemary twig appetizer was a big hit last year. This year I'm going to attempt gluten free Chex mix as well.
  • Leading up to Thanksgiving, I've been trying to eat healthier. Lately, I am completely hooked on lentils on a bed of spinach or rocket for my lunch. If I'm hungrier I'll add a small salmon filet. It's delish!
  • Whenever I have any doubt about cooking anything I use my cookbook bible, The Joy of Cooking. I brought the 1997 edition with me to Hong Kong and I left the 1975 edition in  storage. Yes, I have that many cookbooks that they could not all come to Asia! They even have an app now. And they even have suggested Thanksgiving day menus. Complete with how to carve a turkey. 

Well, I best be off. I'm thirteen hours ahead of the states and so far Monday's been productive. Off to pilates to minimize the upcoming damage on Turkey day!

image by christine

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