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Ok, so it's not Monday. Happy Tuesday, but since I waited a day I have more to share. Yesterday I had lunch at Din Dai Fung. They are a Michelin starred restaurant specializing in xiao long bao. There are six branches in the states. All in Seattle and California. It was especially delish.

I have lots to do this week. I know who doesn't? I'm headed to China this week to pick up some clothes and handmade tassels. Yeah, they don't go together. The tassels don't go with the pants! Before I head up north here are some tidbits for you to enjoy this morning....

  • I just convinced my daughter to do her animal report on pygmy seahorses, because seriously they are just too adorable. Check it out. It will make you smile!
  • Jerry Seinfeld interviewed Stella McCartney. What else do you need to know? Oh, and Jerry's new season of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee just kicked off. 
  • Someone could make a killing by opening a Chipolte in Hong Kong. Until them it's my summer vacation treat. While I'm there I may have to experiment with this guy's suggestions.
  • Target may not deliver to Hong Kong, but that didn't stop me from ordering from the Tom's collection on Sunday. My family graciously allows me to ship orders to their houses and I gather my goodies in the summer. Which is why you'll probably never see me writing a blog, 'how to move half way around the world with one suitcase.' Nope
Have a great week! My Tuesday's almost over and I can report it was very productive. So there's hope.


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