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So yeah,we play soccer on concrete here in Hong Kong. I bet some kids play on grass, but it's pretty limited. Usually when there's grass in Hong Kong, there's an accompanying sign warning you to stay off the grass.

Having pilates and yoga on Monday really kicks off my week. It really starts my week off right and makes Tuesday morning a bit slow moving. So here are my favs from last week while I muster a downward dog...

* Think your groceries are expensive? Well, if you are in Hong kong you are probably right. But when we moved from Ohio to Virginia, I was in sticker shock the first couple times after grocery shopping. Finally, an explanation as to why. Virginia is the most expensive state to feed a family.

* If you are planning a visit to Hong Kong any time soon. One of my most important recommendations is to learn how to use chopsticks asap. In alot of the restaurants you will only be given chopsticks and just try asking for a fork -- in Cantonese! Here's a helpful article on how to use chopsticks and their history.

* Most days I try to forget, but I really miss my American walk in closet. So it's no surprise that seeing this closet brought tears to my eyes. And a renewed energy to reorganize what I do have in The Kong. See more of my favorites on pinterest. Have a peek at my previous closet here in Hong Kong. It's going to be awhile before I could show you my current one.

* I used to be dead set against acupuncture. Now I look forward to it. So I am intrigued to see the WSJ report that there may be some basis to traditional Chinese medicine.

* We need to have some new dinners in our house. I'm kinda sick of chicken. This pasta looks good and I can use gluten free pasta instead. I think it's a go. Looks yummy!

* If you missed it I shared some pictures from our Australia trip last week. I really wish I could take another beach walk again this morning.

Well, since it's Monday I'll leave you with this snippet from Mindy Kaling,

"Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched." 

xox, c

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