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There's a reason almost every Australian told us to take the Bondi beach walk. It was my favorite part of our Australia trip. We began our trek at Bondi. Hiked the one and half kilometers through the Icebergs, Mackenzie's point, Hunters Park, Tamarama beach and finally refueled ourselves in Bronte and back again. 

Here's the iconic Icebergs photo...

In order to be a swimming member at the Iceberg club you must meet strict requirements. Swimming members must swim at least three Sundays each month- in the winter! Visitors to Australia can swim at the Icebergs club as well. Not that I knew this at the time. Nor could we have swam, as the pool was being cleaned that day (every Thursday). There are two pools, a cafe, gift shop and an observation deck. If you can't make it to the icebergs, they broadcast a pool cam. Take a peek! 

After passing the Icebergs and climbing some steep stone stairs, you will have the opportunity to take some fantastic photos. Their are cliffs and benches for a quick break. If you venture off to the right you will find yourself at Hunter Park, which contains some funky sculptures. 

Tamarama Beach was once quite the spectacle! In the late 1880's it was known as the Royal Aquarium and Pleasure Grounds. The aquarium contained sharks and seals. Morphed into a roller rink and tightrope walkers in later of years and in 1920 it became the park you see now. Now it's known as the beach where the beautiful people go.

We refueled at bronte. I wish I could remember which restaurant we dined at. They had great gluten free and vegetarian selections. Above are the Bronte baths. They were built in 1887 and were for men only. Now everyone can hop in as it's just off the beach.  Ah, I wish I were there now. 


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