Last month we crossed a major item off our Hong Kong bucket list. Yes, I'm well aware Sydney's not in Hong Kong. But it is a much shorter flight, eight hours, from Hong Kong versus flying from the states. We had six days in Australia and we and really squeezed a lot in. 

We spent most of time in Darling Harbor. Our first day was a bit of just seeing what there was to do.  We first took a quick nap as our flight was a night one and none of us slept great. We purchased our zoo tickets for the next day. 

Of course, THE opera house. We snapped these photos (and many more) while on the ferry in route to the zoo. I was surprised to learn it took almost fifteen years to build. The chosen design was initially rejected. The architect was also fired at one point during construction.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's largest (but not longest) steel arch bridge. You can climb the bridge. They even breathalyze everyone prior to allowing the climb. It takes three and a half hours. I know they did it on Modern Family, but no thank you.

Our ferry ride from the quay (pronounced key) ended at the Taronga Zoo. Upon arriving we rode the cable cars to the top of the zoo. The zoo is built into a hill and you cannot see the zoo from Sydney. But you can see Sydney from Taraonga. While visiting the animals you are also working your way down the hill back towards the pier. 

Apparently, koalas sleep like twenty plus hours a day. Yeah we missed those two hours they are awake. The kangaroos and tasmanian devil were fast asleep as well. 

The monkeys were one of the few animals awake. Aren't they always?

This is not a hedgehog. It's a echidna. But pretty much looks just like a hedgehog. 

There was loads to do in Darling Harbour. The boys hit the Maritime Museum one morning while us girls slept in. And after our dinner every night the kids worked it off at the massive interactive playground. There is also a Chinese Garden, which seemed to be closed every time we walked by. 
I am so glad we were able to visit Australia. Living in Hong Kong has allowed us to be so close to so many countries and cultures. Come back tomorrow for my favorite part of Australia-- the beach.


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