show and tell...

perfectly lined up, except that last little girl

Happy Monday. I'm about to switch my Halloween decor for my Thanksgiving parapharnalia. Which is not alot as all I have is what we make or family sends us. Thanksgiving is distinctly American. I have yet to run across any Thanksgiving decor in The Kong. This week should be a relatively slow one and I'm hoping so. I could use a slow one.

* No one's perfect. Not even I. So I was quick to take notes when I saw there is a way to retrieve gmail after it's sent. Have you tried it?

* Say what you will. I am a firm believer in letting kids fall -when it's not off a cliff. That includes school. Both of my children have missed recess due to incomplete homework. Not because, I don't care that it's not done. I want them to realize there is a bigger consequence than a nagging mommy. They haven't missed much recess to be honest. But this is a crazy concept here in Hong Kong, where most children don't even carry their own backpacks! And give them the priority seats on public transportation versus the elderly. So I was thrilled to read this study in The Atlantic.

* I think we've all seen the video of the woman walking down the street while being harrassed over and over. This lady took a different path and cross stitched the catcalls hurled at her. It's bittersweet.

* As much as I dislike Facebook, I have to give kudos to Mr. Zuckerberg. His 'terrible' Mandarin is better than mine. It'd like to see if he can write it.

That was short, but sweet. Have a good week. This week I'll share my photos from Sydney. It was a lovely vacation and reminded me of California. So come back and see the highlights.


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