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Wow! Within the last three months we have had a flood, moved, our son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, been home to the states and to Vietnam for some rest and relaxation. The beginning of school has slowed things down. Back to a normal schedule. 

So before I tackle my Monday head on with a pitcher full of iced coffee, here are some things worth sharing this week...

*Check out photos from our Vietnamese adventure. The kids didn't want to leave. It was crazy beautiful!

* Have you heard of Basement Jaxx? Watch their free video of 'Never say Never.' 

*Even though school's started her in the Kong it's still really hot and humid. One of my newest healthy snacks are frozen pomegranate seeds. No recipe. No pinterest. Just peel and freeze. Yummo!

* We probably have a year or two left here in Hong Kong. But it still seems there is a never ending list of things to still see and do. Case in point. I have never been to any of these remote Hong Kong islands

* I may have been out in left field too long, but had no idea the iPhone headphones were this multifunctional.

Now back to printing emergency forms, school lunch menus and checking uniforms.  My children go to a Hong Kong school with an American/Canadian based curriculum and schedule so we start with most of the west. Have your children started school yet?


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