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The tropical climate of Hong Kong does not agree with my old favorites products. Let alone some aren't even available here or more expensive. Some items I stock up on when vacationing in the states others I have had to just replace. One cannot drag a whole Sephora or Target to Hong Kong. Added bonus there's no sales tax in Hong Kong!
  • La Roche-Posey sunscreen There's no Banana boat or Coppertone to throw in your Target here in Hong Kong. There's lots of brands I'm not familiar with and with sun beating down almost everyday I really didn't want to mess around with my skin in the sun so I grabbed the best. Or I could be like the locals and use an umbrella and arm covers. Trust me it's a thing.  
  • Tiger Balm back pain patches These are great additions to supplement a physical therapy program. I use them along with weekly acupuncture. 
  • Shanghai Tang Ginger Lily perfume  Heavier on lilies than ginger this has become my favorite every day perfume. But I'll be sure to buy a couple extra bottles before leaving Hong Kong, because it's quite hard to find in the states and they don't ship it overseas.
  • Betadine first aid cream I am one of those lucky folks that are allergic to the main Neosporin ingredient  So I was always looking for alternatives back at home. This is a great one and there's a lot of Betadine formulas to chose from.
  • Laneige Water Pack EX This weightless serum has a cult like following for a reason. It's  intended to be used as a weekly overnight mask. To be honest I use it more than once a week and I have very oily skin. It really helps waking up and looking refreshed on those late nights. I also hear it's a big hit with med students working the night.
  • Oil blotting papers  Hong Kong summers are killers with the tropical humidity and heat. It's almost pointless to try and get all fancied up. Mascara best be at the least waterproof so it stays to avoid raccoon eyes. Blotting papers are the perfect help in refreshing one's face after hailing a taxi to the island.
  • Tiger Balm mosquito repellent Mosquitos are something fierce over here in southeast Asia. Don't ever be caught without bug spray. This is my first DEET free choice. 
  • Mopiko ...and when you have been bitten this cream is the best choice. Hailing from Japan it's pretty much the only cream sold in Hong Kong for a good reason. It really stops the itching!

Langeine is sold stateside. Which is good, because when I return I'll need to stock up. The rest I may have to pack stock piles back with me!


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