show and tell...

Sometimes she stops me dead in my tracks. So much to ask. What happens at the top? 

Somehow again I pulled off another American holiday here in Hong Kong. These are the times I wish we had a Target, but I suppose that'd be cheating. Just one of the many ways Hong Kong is different than home. I wrote a ditty for Live Sigma Kappa last week detailing how our Hong Kong homes are different than the states. Including some great pictures by Heidi Selch as well. Here's some more from last week while I'm sharing...

*Have you tried dry shampoo? With my thick hair I don't know how I ever lived without it. I just found a couple recipes for diy dry shampoo on pinterest. Have you tried one of these recipes? I'm about to mix this one up tonight. 

* We have finally taken the plunge and tried to go gluten free as a family. We have suspected for awhile that one of the children had issues with wheat. But trying the elimination diet has pretty much solidified it. So this Easter I baked gluten free sugar cookies. Easy and delish!

* Are you good at selfies? Neither am I. Those eyebrows past due? Bad hair day? I'm trying Elle's tips. Every little bit helps. 

* Hong Kong's history's phenomenal. During the 'Great Leap Forward' in the early sixties, many Mainland Chinese immigrated to Hong Kong.  See it here with newly restored video. 

Well, lovelies, I have a full docket this week as soon as the kiddos head back to school. Hope I get it all done. Here's to Mondays!


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