afterschool dancing...

big bad test. yucky lunch. mean girls. meaner boys. overly critical teacher. forgotten trombone.
school sometimes ends in frustrated crankiness.  there are days when the prescription is cuddles and a smidgen of tears with a extra large side dish of confronting those mean girls {not really. ok sometimes really} also most effective is commencement of embarrassing mommy dancing complete with my special disco Saturday Night fever night moves. Cuz those are the ones I'm the bestest {replace with worstest} at. i do not stop when they beg me to stop. i do not halt until i see tears. tears of laughter.

my thematic dancing like jagger has eased the post traumatic distress of exploding mango juice boxes. and an impromptu call me maybe dance routine has induced mean girl amnesia.

my night clubbing days are long over. which is a good thing because when you no longer get carded for drinks it's probably time to hang it up... but there is a greater need for my dancing right here at home.


xox,  & some days tears... 

images here and here.

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