yes, spring break was awhile ago. as we are currently staring down the end of the school year already. but i thought  i'd share some snapshots from our time in singapore. we were all let's hit the beach for spring break, but by the time momma researched flights and hotels there weren't many options left. so instead we headed to the big city/country of singapore.

we actually flew on singapore airlines not korean air,
 but joseph was keen on improving his photography skills

 stella thoroughly enjoyed the birds eye view

we collectively agreed to skip the worldest largest ferris wheel

maybe next time we'll stay at the sands

there was alot of walking involved

and alot of lounging

alot more lounging....

i think we all were in agreement that singapore was fantastic. 
stella wants to hit the mentosa island beaches next time
who's to argue...


p.s. the night time safari was the bestest not to be missed, but i don't have any pictures as it is truly a night time safari in the dark and no flash cameras are allowed. 

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