show and tell...

yes,  that's a vintage louis vuitton travel bag on display at the hong kong maritime museum.
i'm not a crazy for vuitton girl currently, but if they'd bring this one back i just may change my attitude.

a few things to share from last week...

*if you haven't heard of washi tape or looking for new ways to put it all over the house my blog post about just that is here.

*while trying to stand out in this hong kong/british crowd i did a quick read of mr. doonan's book, eccentric glamour. wow! forget about j crew- i'm not a gypsy, but eccentric socialite? maybe?

*after watching this viral video i'm pretty sure i'm not getting into the ocean again.

*these five American expat stereotypes are what i'm up against. have to admit being a yankee i kinda had the same assumption regarding number three.

*may have to wrangle the kids one of these days to gaze at victoria harbor's new gigantic bath tub toy, rubber duckie, by artist  florentijn hofman.

when sleeping women wake,
mountains move.
-chinese proverb


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