show and tell....

tai po park
doesn't it remind you of central park? 

wow, where did the time go? my mother in law and my mama came for seperate holidays. I blinked to spend time with them and it became march almost april. well, i guess that means i just have more to share. i have shared my thoughts here and as always here also.

i hope you enjoy these small shares below and i promise more biggies to come soon...

do you need a spring clean of your desktop wallpaper? try these
do you think this would work for m&m's as well? i'm allergic to yellow dye so it'd be functional.
this territory was already on my vacation list, but these pics just moved it up the list.
these pics are so cool, but i'm pretty sure you couldn't get me lay on the city streets.
dry shampoo has become a staple of mine so i'm pretty much going to have to try this.
my stelli's not into louis vuitton yet, but when she is she'll love these doll clothes.


'the chinese language is just a noise.'
karl pilkington

ps. that above quote is not true, but when you're trying to learn mandarin some days feel that way.

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