show and tell...

you know how in the united states you order chinese food and you get lots & lots of rice. well, that doesn't really happen that often in real chinese restaurants. i have become a lover of dim sum. it is the best. tons of little bites. little cups of tea. good friends.

this week is busy here just like at home. lots of school christmas parties, family visiting, christmas cards, and last minute christmas gifts. yeah, but here it's mostly a last minute search for christmas gifts. it's not like i can run thru target at last minute. and it's probably better that way. i have lost of ideas, but it's the logistics of the execution. i'm sure it will all come together. in the mean time here's some things i think you'll enjoy...

*this is what hong kong malls look like at christmas time, because a 'red alice in wonderland' screams happy holidays. oh and of course they will que up for fifteen minutes (at least) to take a picture.

*if i were at home in the states i hope i would have made time for this.

*this taxi would completely blow my tween sons mind.

*amy butler, from my native ohio, launched an online mag, blossom. adorbs. wish i had my sewing machine here in hong kong...

* i probably will not make it home to the states in time to see this. but you probably could.

* i seriously think i may need to make a couple of these this christmas. definitely makes small gifts more fun to unwrap.


a child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.
-chinese proverb


  1. I concur about dim sum. Thanks for showing me the wonders of Hong Kong and a great Christmas! I was pleasantly surprised at how many Christmas decorations and music greeted me upon my first visit.
    You mother-in-law

  2. Hi Christine,

    My name is Carole and I'm the Community manager for the global expat website Expat Focus. Sorry for leaving a note in comments, but I could not see a contact email.

    I've just added your blog to our "Top Blogs" page for Hong Kong and would be grateful if you would contact me.

    Kind regards,



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