south china seas...

Over the weekend we embarked on a day cruise to a remote island for some much needed r&r. I was a little trepidacious after the recent ferry boat tragedy, but here in Hong Kong they are so through. the maritime boat met us before we went too far away from the Sai Kung coast. They came aboard checked for life jackets, number of people on board and all the necessary paperwork. It was so beautiful that this is one of the few pics I remembered to snap. but who can blame me once we popped the bubbly, met new friends, relaxed, my iPhone was the last thing on my mind. Well, I did manage to remember to snap one of our fresh from the ocean seafood lunch binge.

Here in Hong Kong someties the best meals are eaten on plastic lawn chairs and ricketly old tables especially with new made friends. It didn't hurt that it was the best calamari I have ever had.



  1. It looks you are having a wonderful time!


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