show and tell...

yes, sigh, this is Hong Kong. all weekend she took my breath away. every new view makes me wonder. where am I? and then the next view is as spectacular as the last.
how they mix malls with 'labels' right next to a traditional Chinese tea house is genius.

show & tell time...

i just added this 'insane' luggage to my birthday list. hope the hubby reads this.

if you haven't seen Jerry Seinfeld's web series, comedians in cars getting coffee- well you should...

the movie Liberal Arts was filmed at Kenyon College which used to be our favorite stomping grounds. Josh Radnor who is an Kenyon alumni wrote, directed and stars in in the movie. Allison Janey, another alumni, also stars as a professor. Liberal Arts was screened at the Sundance film festival. see the trailer here.

these nails are killer. i'm partial to the golden studs, gold greek key or you guessed it just gold. wonder if i can find them in Hong Kong?


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