That's right, I said potus.
The President of The United States of America
Last week we had the chance to travel to eastern Virginia to listen to President Obama speak. Ironically, Mr. Hubs could not go even though we were invited by his employer. Luckily, a friend was available to play with stelli while I accompanied Joseph to Petersburg. So it was a mother son day. Not really sure the last time Joseph & I had a whole day together. 
It's been awhile since I've attended a political stump, but I hadn't forgotten that we could travel this far only to be in the nosebleed section. Therefore, I quietly plotted my front row strategy during the two hour early morning bus ride from Reston to Petersburg. Of course, I never shared this information with Joseph. After going through the security scanning, we quickly had a light snack and high tailed it to scope out our spot.
Our first spot pretty far back until I spotted a friend who could weasel Joseph upfront. (And by weasel I mean I had to say I was married to someone else.) And it's much easier for a ten year old boy to jump two barricades then a forty something year old  woman. The sacrifices I have made for my children are endless.... 
That's Joseph right above the "J" in his name. (photo courtesy of msnbc)

President Obama greeted Joseph with, "Good afternoon, young man." Joseph was too gobsmacked to reply, but he did get a handshake twice. Once on the way in and again on the way out.  Oh, and he is impressed with how shiny President Obama's shoes were. Joseph maintained that he was never going to wash his right hand again for a good fifteen minutes. Pretty sure when he realized all the other people that had shaken The President's  hand as well- he mighta even been a tad grossed out.
Pretty sure he was just talking to me.
President Obama spoke for about twenty minutes to the crowd. Apparently, he also taped his weekly address there and took a factory tour while we waited for him to speak. After he was done speaking we were ushered back to our bus where we inhaled our lunch. Joseph at first said he was never going to wash his hand again, until it was lunch time. And then again more waiting. President Obama had lunched at a local diner so we were not permitted back on the only road out until he was through. Joseph was very impressed with the Presidential motorcade. I'd have a photo, but my camera's battery had died by now.

Cannot believe I really debated not going. 
You know how there's some days you just never forget? 
Yeah, that... 

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