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My alma mater is playing in the sweet sixteen this evening and before you say big whoop dee do dah, let me tell you this is pretty heady stuff for the "Harvard on the Hocking." Interestingly enough voted by Princeton the number one party school in the United States. Still not quite sure how it's the number one, but I guess we'll take Princeton's word. Playboy states we are number five and I'd say Playboy would know the number one party school is they saw it. But I digress. What I'm trying to say is Ohio University is not usually nationally recognized for our athletic prowess. But Ohio University, as the cliche goes, made me who I am today.
courtesy of Ohio University
In the Fall of 1989 I sobbed for the entire drive from Akron to Athens, which is ironic because after my campus tour there was no doubt in my mind this is where I wanted to be.  Subconsciously, I must have already known how this little scenic town would change my life forever. I was one of a few from my high school attending Ohio University, because most became Buckeyes. But I wanted something different. I've always been the one who wanted something that no one else had. 

If I were to start a list of ways in which Ohio University changed my life I know there's the usual college memories; embracing the arts, learning to live without parents, fighting the Freshman Fifteen, realizing professors don't care if you show up and how to live off no money during the week and yet still manage to have enough for the weekend uptown. Which sometimes just meant a couple winks at the right gentleman. (Clearly, my college years pre date, the date rape drug.) 

And how can I forget the Treudley fourth floor posse? What was more fun than harassing those returning home after a indulgent night uptown? Not much. Unless it was playing euchre for hours upon hours. Well, unless it was sunbathing on Boyd Beach.

But if you'd ask my what was the most important event that happened to me was. It would have to be meeting my husband. Can you imagine my mother's audible gasp when I announced that I was dating my golfing instructor?  Lucky for her, the boys on the golf team taught the golf class. Ironically, I did take the class to meet boys, I just never fathomed  it would be the instructor.

Years later while researching our family genealogy I discovered that my grandmother had also met my grandfather here. My Grandpa Patterson was in a mounted cavalry unit that practiced on the campus on weekends. She eventually dropped out to marry him. 

The family tradition continued. Three of my younger cousins, Suzi, Katie and Jessica, also graduated from Ohio University and Jessica met her husband, Devon, at Ohio University as well. 

There are so many Athens tales to tell I could write a book, but what I really want to say is...

Stand up and cheer

Cheer loud and long for old Ohio
For today we raise
The Green and White above the rest

 Our team is fighting,
 And we are bound to win the fray
 We’ve got the team,
 We’ve got the steam,

 For this is old Ohio’s day!

     Go Bobcats!

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