lately i have had two overwhelming home decor urges...

paint everything black
rearrange my bookcases

since i have already used up countless cans of glossy black spray paint & the Mr. hubs will think i've completely gone mad if i paint the walls black. it's time to move on to the bookshelves.
but really why can't they be black as well? here's several i'm considering presenting Mr. hubs for his approval... 

loving this one, but silly question... 
do I put nothing behind the hanging art?

this is beautiful, but i don't have any art that large...

lovin' this one. 
not too much art or tchatchkes
although I have no clue what those two yellow things are?
any guesses?

the Mr. hubs is out of town at the moment for business so i have plenty of time to prepare my best proposal.

photos available herehere, and finally here

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