I have always been a very organized person – maybe even a bit compulsive. I really thought everyone was like that. But, then I realized I’m a little more organized than others and it isn't exactly normal.
The light bulb clicked when I was tucking my son into bed and without criticism I inquired how could he find anything in here? (because it’s such an utter dump – THAT I didn’t say). He was completely dumbfounded. I explained to him that when I was a child I would organize and then reorganize my room. I could be in there for hours. Once I even switched bedrooms with our guest bedroom when my parents were’t home (yes, I moved all the bulky furniture by myself). Oh, and I did not tell him this either.
chest of drawers by droog studio

Can you imagine the look on their faces? While I wouldn’t advocate my ten year old attempting the same, I would not be upset if he could at least get the books 
in near his bookcase. After tucking him in that night, I brainstormed how in the world I could motivate him to just be a smidge more organized. I have tried organizing the kids’ rooms myself, pleading, bribing, helping… all with no success. So I began to look for organization tips on Pinterest. OK, so I was really just killing time (shhhh... don't tell anyone) and stumbled upon this...

Kapow! Hit me with an iron pan. Don’t just organize the stuff – reduce the stuff. I did a ginormous purge of our house when we moved, but it was time to do a even bigger than ginormous purge. With pen and paper in hand, I compiled a list of questions to use as a purging guideline (did I mention I also love lists?)
  • Do we even use it?
  • Do we love it?
  • Can it be easily replaced?
  • Would it really be missed if it was gone?
I started in the kitchen, where there aren’t a lot of emotional ties – usually. I halved the amount of potholders I had. Threw away the fast food straws we (the kids) had been saving. Removed all my place mats (I’m not really a place mat person anyhow– always reminding myself to use them). Once I was done, I felt oddly… relieved. Like I had let go of something I had been dragging. I have since moved onto my children’s clothes, coat closet, my clothes, & my makeup. Mornings are now so much less stressful. Getting everyone up and out the door is easier.
Then yesterday I decided to finally spend one of my Christmas gift cards. And there were lots of bargains to be had and I wasn’t even paying. But I stopped dead in my tracks…. Whoa… These were great shirts at great prices but…what would this go with in my closet? Would I wear it a lot? Do I love it? Would putting any of these shirts on make me smile in the morning? The answer was no to many of the items. I left that store with a lot less than I originally would have. I realized right then that saying that goes…
don’t let your stuff own you,

you own your stuff..
Read it again.
And again…
Now let it fester for another minute (or two)…. I mean how many hours do we do laundry, wash dishes, put away toys?
If you had less clothes, dishes, toys, etc., there’d be less stuff controlling your time.
Once I reduce my “stuff” controlling me I’m going to read this on this.

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