show and tell...

It's a sneak peek look at Angkor Wat. This week I'll share our Siem Reap adventure. May have been one of our favorite vacations ever. Until then here's some tidbits to share...  
  • Living in Asia we have flown into large massive airports and tiney tiny ones. One thing that remains constant is all airports are represented by a three letter code. Sometimes an abbreviation of their area and sometimes not. Can't believe my airplane obsessed son hasn't asked yet, but I was able to impress him with how those airports received their three letter codes. 
  • There's one machine at the gym that I never use. The rowing machine. I have no clue what to do with it- until now!
  • Every once in awhile we spend a long weekend in Macau. But I can promise you I will not be the first person on this ferris wheel or maybe not ever. How about you?
  • Next time you run out of eggs, you could try this instead. Seriously, you need to see what it is. You would never think. Its probably something you have in your pantry. 
  • I am a serious convert to the sheet masks that originated here in Asia. Dr Jart will start selling some serious sheet masks exclusively at Sephora. Now which family member can I convince to mail them to me as they won't be available in Hong Kong. 
Well, I'm off. It's our first week of back to school here. Back to packed lunches, smelly gym clothes and homework battles. Have a great Monday!


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