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I will miss this the most when it comes time to leave Hong Kong (other than friends of course). Seriously, I can just pop into the beach on the way to to do groceries, the butcher, the doctor and the gym. And I do. I am there more in the winter than the summer. Probably the irony of it all. Most of the locals think its freezing outside when the mercury lowers to 60F. And then there are still diehards swimming in the ocean. I'm sure they are thinking that chubby gweilo could move a little faster. Oh, well, I'm the only gweilo there.

I have a chock full schedule this week (who doesn't?), but looking forward to some new challenges. Before I head to pilates here's a few snippets to enjoy...

  • We had friends over for dinner and I baked this chocolate flourless cake. It was delicious. You would have never guessed it was gluten free. 
  • Friends and family at home doubt me when I tell them that in Hong Kong people line up to get into numerous luxury stores (think Hermes and Chanel). I am not kidding. Here's an article with photos to prove it. But it's still insane no matter how you slice it!
  • Have you ever seen children dressed up as old people for Halloween? Adorable? Well now you don't have to wait for Trick or Treat. Check out Zachary Scott's photography of children dressed as old people. My fav is the girl with a cane and babushka.
  • Last week a wrote a post for Live Sigma Kappa regarding the pantone color of the year, marsala. Check it out for tips on adding marsala into your home. 
  • For those of you who eat gluten free for weight loss or celiac disease, Sassy has published a new 2015 Gluten Free Guide in Hong Kong. My son loves the gluten free pizza at Pizza Express, but be sure to call ahead. Sometimes they are out of gluten free dough.
  • I finally started the BBC series Sherlock Holmes. It is quite good if you need a tv break. It's available on netflix. 
Hope you all have a great Monday!


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