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Seize the moment. Remember all the women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.
-Erma Bombeck

So here we are just barely two weeks into the new year. Are you keeping up with your resolutions? As you can see, mine was clearly not to cut out all sugar. Everything in moderation. Right? I did resolve to be healthier not eliminate entire food groups. This week I am keeping my commitment and visiting a dietitian. I'll be sure to pass along any and all fab tips. But first here are some snippets I found I thought you might enjoy...
  • The snickerdoodles above are gluten free and delicious. I found a great recipe on pinterest. Check out my board full of other gluten free options. 
  • While surfing on a lazy Sunday, I stumbled across David Sedaris' short story in The New Yorker.  It's as good as everything else he's written. Pour yourself a cup of tea and 
  • Whose child doesn't like legos? Have you checked out the new bird legos? The set includes a hummingbird, robin and blue jay.  They are pretty cool! 
  • Ok, I had just figured out how to wake up to music on my iPhone from my playlist. Did you know you can use Pandora as a wake up station as well? Not me either! And you can listen to Pandora to fall asleep also. Give it a whirl. 
  • Over break I finally joined the masses and binge watched all of Broadchurch (available on Netflix). If you haven't watched it you definitely should try it. But I would skip the American version (Gracepoint is available on hulu). Not nearly as good and I had trouble with David Tennant with an American accent. And the American version has been cancelled already anyhow. 


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