"It's a cruel season that makes you get ready for bed while it's still light out."
-Bill Watterson

August was a fantastic month here in Hong Kong. Vacationed in Vietnam. Kids returned to school with a bright and cheery outlook. My Stella loves her new teacher. Finally read a couple books. Yes, they were completely trashy beach reads. 

I play along with Fat mum slim's photo a day challenge. This month I did horrible at posting photos everyday. I'll do better in September. I promise. Want to play along or just follow along on instagram

As the years tick by, I try to eat healthier. Add in a newly diagnosed son with Celiac Disease and now there's barely any gluten even in our house. As a family we've really turned around our eating habits and my new go to breakfast is chia pudding. Chia seeds are high in healthy omega-3s, calcuim and maganese. 

via timeful

Since school started I've been on the hunt to be more organized. Because who doesn't want more time to themselves? Right? I found this great app. Timeful. It's fantastic. Just pop in your priorities. Exercise more. Call your mom. Timeful reviews your calendar and schedules it for you. You do actually have to do it, but hey it's a start. Right?

Well, August's almost over. Just one more weekend and onto September... Have a great weekend. 
See you on Monday. I'll have more show and tell to share. 


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