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While those of you in the States were celebrating Columbus Day, we here in Hong Kong were celebrating Cheung Yueng Festival. Which is the Fall Grave Sweeping holiday and yes it is exactly what it sounds like. Traditionally, folks climb up the mountain to clean up their ancestors' graves. Obviously, we do not have any relatives buried here in Hong Kong to take care of so we just relaxed and caught up with some movies and popcorn. Last week I chaperoned Stelli's class on a filed trip to the wetland park complete with maze. What about you? Go anywhere new last week? Do anything brave?

While I color code this week's family schedule let me share a few of my favorite things I found last week...

I forgot all about Trader Joe's cookie butter until I stumbled upon it at the local American grocery store. Yes, there is such a thing here in Hong Kong. And they do not take credit cards, no parking lot and I had to argue to use the restroom. Really catering to the Americans...

After our trip to Thailand I cannot get enough Thai food. Last week we tried Thai chicken noodle soup. It was delish and even loved by my most picky eater in the house.

This tumblr photo of Hong Kong and the MTR lines drawn over it are impressive. Where am I you ask? So far to the right on the green line I'm not even in the photo!

OK, friends that's all for now. I'll share more this week about Thailand and more about Hong Kong as well.


One joy scatters a hundred griefs.
~Chinese Proverb~

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