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photo by christine

ready? last week we experienced a Hong Kong black rain storm. eight inches of water fell in one hour. or was it four inches. i am kinda trying to block it all out. i do know it was 100mml. i still remember my fourth grade math teacher, mrs. butti {can you imagine the teasing?} telling us the world would convert to metric so that's why we had to learn the metric system. maybe i should have paid better attention.

anyhow, there hasn't been a black rain storm for three years. to make a long story short our house flooded and i mean flooded. not just a trickle of water. like we had to open both of our front doors to let the current of water out of the house. but we are all safe and that's what matters most.

below are some great tidbits i found on the internet while stuck in the house waiting on maintenance men this last week. enjoy.

*who isn't intrigued by Jackie and jack kennedy? have you seen this rare video clip of them on a talk show. i was glued for all eight minutes. it's amazing.

*true love. a man animated his tipsy wife telling a joke about two corn chips using her own voice. just brill.

* i guess i'm on quite the video roll this week. i did several school reports on helen keller as a child. i was glued this video of her speaking.

* i think i could find the materials to make these cool bracelets in Hong Kong.

* i feel like such a fraud. we just throw away our toilet paper rolls. check out the artwork by anastassia elias. insane. insanely awesome.


ps. i tried to find the most relaxing photo of water i had. every time it rains now i find myself a bit jumpy.

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