show and tell...

ok, so sunday was not the best day to check out jat's incline for the awesome 360 degree views.
after i endured the white knuckle grip on the door handles all the way up. apparently, there was not a large investment in guard rails on the steep drive. so you'll just have to enjoy some of the items i found last week that i thought were just fabulous...

* have you heard of tim flach? his last exhibition was in china in september. his portfolio is incredible, especially if you like animals. his books would make great christmas gifts.

* i love a huge personalized mug. wandersketch makes the coolest custom coasters and teacups. if only they shipped to hong kong.

* i am horrible at baking pies. i just cannot seem to get the crust right. maybe after reviewing these guidelines i may just get it right this year.

* do you have a lego lover like me? check out the large legos riding the escalator here in hong kong times square.

i also write for sigma kappa and you can read my post about our days in hong kong there.


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