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Just the other day Heidi and I made quick early morning run to the Mong Kok Flower Market. I was after one of everything. Heidi was more restrained and focused on cut flowers and succulents.  We both were after some herbs. As the whole herb plant costs less than the small bunches at all the grocery stores. 

We both grabbed several succulents. Including the two on the far left. I wasn't very exciting and just re potted three of them into a plain pot. Now my inspiration is in full blast and I need to return to start more detailed projects!

Orchids can usually be snatched up at three for $100hk ($13us). Priced just right for one in every room or one large pot with several plants. 

Every kind of bamboo. Shaped. Curly. Short. Variegated. Tall. Single stems. Bundled. 

Early morning deliveries 

Need a quick grab and go bouquet?

I had to have one of these olive topiaries.  They were $20us, but it is still alive. The sales lady was certain to tell me not to eat the olives. I'm not sure as to why? Other than you shouldn't eat raw olives. But can't I brine them and then eat them? 

A quaint hotel nestled among the florists (by the hour!)

Carnations in every hue.

And fancy bamboo

Heidi's purchases

Now after reviewing my own green thumb pinterest board I really want to go back with a better master plan! Terrariums. Hanging succulent planters. Inside waterlily with added goldfish. All possibilities.


all photos via Heidi Selch

Getting there...
Tsuen Wan (red) line Prince Edward Stop exit B1 

New City 113 stop at Prince Edward road West

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