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Ugh. I did not make it to the beach for a walk this Monday morning. Hopefully tomorrow. You know how the more you commit to the more you are able to get done? At what point does that start to become just over committed? (definitely not asking for a friend) Well, I'm going to invest in some colored pens and color code my planner. Maybe that will make it easier to decipher or at the least make it look cuter! I'm going to steep myself a pot of tea and get back to you on that color coding idea (maybe even stickers!). Meanwhile, here's some tidbits I thought you might enjoy...

  • I have such trouble finding shoes in Hong Kong to fit my size nine feet. Size nine is BIG in Asia. It reminds me of the days of foot binding. Surprisingly, foot binding was done for a millennium only stopping in the 1930s. 
  • I usually don't check out buzzfeed, but couldn't resist reviewing the reasons why Hong Kong's the only place to live. I have to agree with them on several of their reasons!
  • I usually struggle with the swan posture at pilates, but maybe these yoga straws would further inspire me. Not all that shocking, they are made in China for a Chinese yoga center. 
  • Just when I thought I was doing pretty good exploring Asia, I read this article on Conde Nast Traveler. Wow! I guarantee I'll never get to all these locations, but its a good place to start. 
  • Living just a walk away from the ocean brings an over abundance of seafood. One of the Sai Kung seafood joints has even earned itself a Michelin star. Unbeknownst to me I ate there last Wednesday. To their credit it was the only place I have ever been able to stomach eating abalone
  • I was asking a good (and healthy) friend for some new ideas for breakfasts. She suggested bircher muesli. Have you tried it? Its easy just uncooked oatmeal and milk to start off and then you can add all sorts of toppings. I think my first attempt will be to add kefir instead of milk and go from there. 

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