show and tell...

I could say I was planking, but it's really downward dog...

New year rolled in unannounced. The decision to be healthier had already been made. Be more productive. Do what is important. if that entailed watching all of Broadchurch over Christmas Break then so be it. Add in baking gluten free sugar cookies with the children. But I suspect it's probably time to switch back to snacks of roasted chickpeas and kale chips...

  • Let's begin with... I really need a new hair style. I really don't want to lose my long hair, but really it's style is just blah.. I found these helpful tips of whether or not you need bangs based on your face shape and they don't even mention the instant *botox* effect. I'm making an appointment.
  • As someone who suffers from a vitamin d deficiency you would think I would remember to take my supplement everyday. I probably hit every other day [or two]. One of my goals is to change that to everyday. If you are a vitamin popper like I'm supposed to be you might find this chart interesting. It breaks down the most common supplements taken and whether or not they are proven to be helpful. 
  • Do you start your day with hot lemon water? Apparently, it's believed to be quite helpful. Even my physician instructed me to drink hot lemon water in the morning. Have I started? nope. Well, I did have some this morning. At least it's not hurting anything and is tasty. 
  • With a celiac child our entire family has gone gluten free. For the most part it's not really a big difference in regards to taste unless we are talking about breads. This weekend I tried a gluten free bread mix that was so good. Did not taste gluten free at all. We all loved it. Now let's see if I can order it online? and have it ship to The Kong? a full day project. 
  • And have you ever tried 'zucchini noodles'? I have not, but with so many pinterest recipes and ideas I think they are next on the healthy switch list. 
So yes, I guess I have a few new years resolutions, but honestly I had already started the process. Blood testing for unknown issues. Increased exercise. Dietitian appointment on the books. So I hope to lose a few lbs and be more centered on my goals instead of letting myself get pulled in every other direction. How about you? Any specific goals? 


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