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It's gotten to the point that I no longer flinch at bad translations anymore. Of course, if you think I didn't enter here then you'd also be wrong. They were doing some work on the flooring so maybe that was the situation, but then again the sign appears to be old as well. And their restroom mirrors come with signs that state, for sight only. ??? Oh well, it's Monday again and I though I'd share some goodies.

* I don't always love ikea furniture, but sometimes it's a quick and inexpensive option. But did you know there are companies that customize ikea furniture? They are not an option for me in Hong Kong, but when I return to the states I may just have to give them a whirl.

* Having two children who love legos, I was enamoured to learn lego presents it's long term employees with GOLD legos. Real Gold. And the can be used with regular legos. Maybe it wouldn't hurt so bad when you step on it?

* The WSJ recently published it's most expensive cities for expats. No Big surprise Hong Kong is third on the list!

* I was searching for something new the other day on hulu. By Any Means by BBC. Have you seen it? Pretty sure I'll binge watch all week. Try it.

Well, that's it friends. Last week was a combination of no wifi for three days, T8 typhoon, and a nine year old birthday. Here's hoping I can get down to brass tacks this week. Happy Monday!


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