monkey see...

Star Wars pancakes. Pez dispensers. Kale chips. Titanic models. My kids beg me for a lot of strange items. One of their most frequent unusual requests is to return to Kam Shan (Monkey Hill) Country Park . Monkeys. Monkeys every where. Daddy monkeys. Mama monkeys and of course following behind are the cutest bebe monkeys...

The monkeys (rhesus macaques) in Kan Shan Park are not native to Hong Kong. The park evolved from a couple of abandoned pet monkeys centuries ago. There are stiff penalties($10,000hk/$1290us)  for feeding the monkeys. Based on their bold begging, I'm guessing they receive snacks quite often.

Monkey see. Monkey do.

Pretty sure this papa monkey means business. 

If monkeys are not your thing the view is truly awesome.

Bus eighty one will take you right to the entrance of Monkey Hill and there is a mile and a half hiking trail weaving through the park. Personally, with the thousands of free roaming monkeys I'm staying in the car.


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