wow. wow. wow...

Well, today the space shuttle flew right over our house. How many times in your life are you going to be able to say that? It was not expected. Of course, we were completely aware it was flying over DC & landing at the Dulles airport, but that's not a guarantee. So when Stella looked at me and blurted that sounds like a really low helicopter at the exact same time Mr hubs called to tell me, "get outside, it's coming... It just passed my office building." Stelli and I ran like crazy out the front door.

And just like a crazy woman- I was trying to hold the phone, find the camera and my ipad. I probably never even put my latte down either & I have no clue why I grabbed the ipad. For a couple seconds it was just a lonely, black helicopter. Then this...

I was so overcome I think i said 'oh my god' enough times to engrave it in Stella's head forever.

Later after reading this I realized just how special this moment was. This was the time to share with my children how special this flight was. I'm thinking I will skip how I was home alone sick the day Challenger blew up and was a complete teenage hormonal hot mess by the time my parents arrived home. I must have been really sick puppy, because I was still home sick when we had a 5.0 earthquake two days later.

But I digress, I tend to not share loads of history with my children, because sometimes history has not been very kind. I don't want my kids to feel the pressure of  doing something because that's the way it's always been done. I want them to forge a new path for themselves.  I want them to think their own unfettered thoughts. But maybe, just maybe, I should teach a little bit about that fantastic flying machine so they can soar, too. 


  1. i loved this post. not the part where you linked to me - although that was sweet - but the last paragraph. brilliant. xo


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