national cathedral

During Spring Break, my Mr. Hubs had the bright idea to check to see if the National Cathedral was open, which is an uphill climb from the National Zoo. I mention this because his light bulb moment occurred right after spending at least two hours at the Zoo. I was absolutely positively 99.9% sure that it was closed after last August's earthquake. After an uphill mile long hike, I found out I was 100% wrong. It was sooo worth it. (On my behalf, the observation tower is closed and there's a net covering up pretty much the entire ceiling.) The church ladies were busily arranging flowers in a side wing for the Easter service. There is an interesting exhibit detailing the earthquake damage including the original construction and history.  It was quite and serene-- exactly opposite of the Zoo. Even the kids loved it and there were very few Spring Break tourists.
awww... and no, I did not photoshop the sky- au natural. 

August earthquake damage

time to go home, maybe?
we asked them if they were ready for a snack...

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