show and tell

Isn't it marvelous? The Hong Kong Peak. You can see all of the city from atop the peak. And those clouds. Worse part- taking the tram up the mountain at a almost ninety degree angle. Best part- there's a Starbucks on the top too. Oh and a mall, because that's what Hong Kong does best. 

some tidbits I found last week...

Fell in love with Feng Zikai after seeing his installation at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Zikai is considered to be the father of Chinese cartoon art. He subtly incorporated politics into his paintings which resulted in his political persecution at the time of his death. 

Have you seen the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and The Selby? It really makes me want to indulge my daughter's wishes and make our next vacation Beijing. 

Summer is clearly passed and the humidity is starting to lower here in Hong Kong. And I commented on how we were going to celebrate summer for design mom a couple weeks ago. 

Sometimes I get a bit annoyed when people think they can recreate something they see on line, but this I want to try. cool, yes?


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